The Sun Is Also a Star (2019)


The Sun Is Also a Star

I have to say, I’m usually not fond of modern age teenage dramas (actually I should say young adult dramas). They are most often misses. Something about the trailer for this film peaked my interest though. The score throughout, the reference to the big bang and the cosmos, or maybe the karaoke cover of “Crimson & Clover.” I was going to see it at some point and with the free time I had with my class being cancelled I checked it out. Its pretty bad. I feel like the dialogue and love story comes off as cringe and forced and the film was looking to be profound connecting moments and characters.

The film is about a girl whose family is dangerously close to being deported. She is running around trying to find ways to stop that from happening. She meets a young man (who saves her from being hit by a car) and there’s instant chemistry. They spend a day together and connect on levels they didn’t believe could be possible. They come from different cultures and families but rely on the universe, science, and destiny to keep themselves together. The film stars Yara Shahidi and Charles Menton.

Well the characters both have the x-factor so we don’t have to worry about it. The dialogue all along feels really amateur. To the point where there was real awkwardness, especially when they mention black culture in Melton’s characters family’s shop. The film has a lot of weird moments. I know they were trying very hard to make this a memorable love affair, and the two stars do have chemistry. Its just the film just seems like its trying so hard to be something its not.

The film tries to connect moments and really wants to drive home the point of faith and destiny deciding where you will end up. We get it but it doesn’t always benefit the film. If anything the film was decent to look at to see my city, New York City. Although, they clearly used City College of New York as Hunter College, which I noticed right away. I know my CUNY colleges. Overall, its a love affair that makes you roll your eyes at times but could yet be a launchpad for the two leads.


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