Little (2019)



I liked the look of Little (tongue twister?), from its trailer. Is it something that’s been done before? Sure. It still looked like it had the potential to be funny. I’m very familiar with Regina Hall, who was recently great in Support the Girls. Marsai Martin and Issae Rae are the two that I haven’t really seen in much because I don’t follow the TV shows they both are on. After finally settling in and watching this on its opening night, I must say I got bored with it and it was nowhere near as funny as it needed to be.

The film is about a self made business owner who is cruel to everyone around her. One day a curse placed on her and the next morning she wakes up “little”, as her thirteen year old self. Now she must rely on her assistant to run her company and also must return to the middle  school where she had traumatic experiences as a child, or otherwise get in trouble with child services. Of course, we have the cookie cutter lesson to go back to normal element involved here but its not the formula that is the inherent problem here.

I thought the cast was good and each played their role well. The interactions between the cast is filled with chemistry but there is an imbalance in the story and the plot switching between different elements of what is going on with the characters. The film is also devoid of any laughs. I did some research and found the cuprit. Director/screenwriter: Tina Gordon. She also wrote What Men Want, which looked like fun from the trailer but also became uninteresting, overly lesson driven, and generally unfunny. Both films also bear resemblance to each other especially through a magical act happening to he lead character, the character being afraid to fall in love because of their business, and the mistreatment of their assistant.

A talented cast can’t save this film, which felt longer than it actually was. It means well and has good intent but the film needs to balance entertainment with comedy and Gordon hasn’t really figured out how to do that yet, with too much preoccupation in the moral of the story. Its not wholly bad but had the right to be much more better if done in a way that acknowledged the talent on display and utilized it to be more comedic.


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