Hotel Mumbai (2019)


Hotel Mumbai

For some reason, the tragic events that occurred in Mumbai in 2008 is something I can’t recall ever hearing of. I was a stupid 18 year old college kid at the time and had no knowledge on world news. I was semi interested in seeing this just because I am kind of a film junkie and go out and watch releases just because. I thought this film was surprisingly great. Its really tough to watch at times and will incite an angry and somber reaction at times but there’s no denying the effect that this film leaves on you.

The film is about the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, namely on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The film follows a group of attendants and customers in the hotel and their struggle for survival as they are attacked by a terrorist party. The events at the hotel coincide with 12 coordinated attacks in the city. They must find a way to endure while special forces arrive to Mumbai as they are 100s of miles away. The film stars Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Jason Isaacs, and Nazanin Boniadi.

The film does such a good job of eliciting a reaction in you. Weather its grief, anger, confusion, or uncomfortably; the film draws you in from the very beginning. Its not an easy watch at all, innocent people get murdered and its an absolute shame to think that people can actually go and do this in real life. It made me so angry. You really start feeling for the characters and root  for them and want to see the perpetrators suffer the absolute worst. The film is unflinching, and the editing and sound of the film will make you feel like yo are right in the mix of the events.

Hotel Mumbai is not going to be for the people with a weak stomach but if you are a film lover who wants to see a good film based on true events, you should see this. Trust me, I can easily watch almost anything in a film and rarely feel like its a tough watch but I felt it here. I think its just important to be aware of things that have occurred that we want to turn away from, its how we learn to grow better and see what the evil in this world is capable of. A very impressive directional debut by Anthony Maras.


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