The Beach Bum (2019)


The Beach Bum

It takes me a while to warm up to Harmony Korine films. I hated Spring Breakers on first viewing but upon a rewatch was able to find the quality in it despite it being a really polarizing venture. The Beach Bum kind of looked like the same but probably with heightened drugs, sex, and chill. That’s exactly what it was. The film is frustratingly unfocused and seems bereft of a plot but I had a sort of decent time with it.

The film is about a former writer slacker who spends his days near the water smoking weed, drinking, and having sex. The film follows him on his journey where he meets up with his ex girlfriend and goes on adventures with like minded people in the Florida region. His life seems free and problem-less and maybe that is the case, but you’re still going on the journey. The film also stars Isla Fischer and, yes you guessed it, the one and only Snoop Dogg. Interestingly, the films main poster looks like one Marvel would put out.

Korine must have had a very loose script for this I can imagine the idea coming to home after smoking his brains out. Yet, Matthew McConaughey is still perfectly cast. He gets to the play the role you know he always wanted to play. His Moondog is a very outlandish character in all forms, kind of a like a more chilled out Alien, from Spring Breakers. There are few quite humorous moments where I burst out laughing.

Its overall dumb and you get what you expect with it. It will feel tedious at times but much like Korines work there is a real endearing quality to it. This is probably the most non-consequential film I’ve seen from here. Might be best watching it stoned. Also, Martin Lawrence and Zac Efron play really excellent characters in this. This film will eventually get a second watch.


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