Captain Marvel (2019)


Captain Marvel

As we approach the release of Avengers: Endgame, The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes its final stop before that with Captain Marvel. Amazingly, 11 years into the series of films, we get the first female led film. I was fairly hyped for this picture; the trailers looked good and most importantly the film has a leading cat starring. No underestimating the importance of a feline hero. I read some reviews with people not liking this. I can’t really speak for anyone but myself. I had a good time watching this. I think the film starts off a slow but then reaches its height and is a fun time.

The film takes place in 1995, and follows an ex air force pilot named Vers/Carol Danvers. She is in he midst of an alien war between Kree’s and Skrulls. She crash lands on earth and befriends Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. in following shape-shifting Skrulls. Danvers also possesses superhuman strength after an accident years prior. The film essentially shows off the start of Nick Fury as we know him and one of the earlier superhero’s in this Marvel Cinematic timeline. Also, there’s an amazing cat named Goose.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are definitely an interesting pick for this film. I’ve seen and really enjoyed Half Nelson from them but questioned how they would handle a big budget superhero film. I know there are complaints about the action in comparison with other MCU films. I found it sufficient. The effects used to show Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg when they were younger was absolutely incredible and seamless. I like the chemistry with Brie Larson and Sam Jackson, something I felt was a shining moment in this film.

Brie is perfectly fine as Carol Danvers. She is super talented obviously and does the job here as well. As with other MCU films the film uses a sufficient amount of humor and intergalactic action to please the audience. We might have been spoiled by the recent entries in the MCU (Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War) but we cant always expect a fantastic Marvel entry. The film comes with flaws but was an entertaining watch. It also has linkage with other films and characters in the MCU so lookout for that.

I had a great time with this and feel like its better than a good amount of Marvel films. I thought all around it hits the Marvel film formula checklist and though its not anything extraordinary, its a perfectly fine origin film about a hero that could be big in the war against Thanos. Yes, that hero is goose the cat. What an adorable little ball of fur. Now I am so geared up for Endgame, its so close and the hype is real.


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