Happy Death Day 2 U (2019)


Happy Death Day 2 U

The sequel no one knew they needed. At first I was wondering if they were serious making a sequel for this film. It looked as if it was kind of retreading the first film but with a TWIST. I didn’t mind the first film and thought it was decent popcorn entertainment though these Groundhog Day type films run the risk of losing the viewer quick, personally. That was the case with this sequel. I found the new direction lame and unnecessary, good lord if they actually want to make this thing a trilogy.

The film is about Tree (Jessica Rothe) now living her perfect life with her boyfriend. She soon finds out that a science experiment could have caused the initial time loop. Now Tree must relive that same day over and over again, however the nature of the events and people associated are much more different now and repeating the same day over and over and dying starts taking physical tolls on her. The original cast return for this film.

The scientific elements for this film made it dreary. Watching so much similar repetition from the first film was nauseating. I also have a hard time really identifying with or liking any of the characters in this film so I just could not get into this. The film tries to combine so many different things that it becomes a boring watch real quick. Also, after a while the big reveal becomes predictable. The film really isn’t as smart as it wants to think it is.

The first film was perfectly fine as a one off thing. This is the case of trying to franchise build and make money off a film that did well. I sincerely hope that this is it for this series, I can’t imagine something that is as bad as this film. If I’m being honest, this is one of the worst films I’ve seen in 2019 which is a shock because I thought the new direction may be something worth looking in to but its tiring.



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