Aquaman (2018)



After the release of Justice League I wasn’t optimistic about anything in the DC Extended Universe, not named Wonder Woman. I thought Aquaman was just going to be terrible and unnecessary in a universe that seemed to be in disarray. I was kind of warming up to it with the new trailers released and the fact that a competent filmmaker in James Wan. I think this is an fairly entertaining entry in the DC Universe and definitely the second best film after Wonder Woman.

The film follows the story of Arthur Curry, who is an heir to an underwater kingdom that his half brother is trying to take control of. The film goes into the details of Curry’s past and shows how Aquaman eventually became the hero he is today. In this film Aquaman must find a powerful trident and stop a war that threatens his people and all of Earth. The film stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, and Patrick Wilson.

Wan reunites with a reliable name in Wilson who plays Ocean Master. Both him and Black Manta feel like generic villains as is the case with a lot of superhero films, its also tough to establish a villain with the general unfamiliarity with the Aquaman comics for the general masses. You can tell the film has a big budget as it is exquisite in its underworld fantastical elements and all the action and effects that go along with it.

The film isn’t anything groundbreaking when it comes to superhero films and its quite cheesy in dialogue and comedic nature. It still works for the most part and is a refreshing change in light, tone, and color in this universe. Its not exactly a huge endorsement as to why the DCEU should continue to exist, but it shows that under the right guidance it can work better than most previously anticipated.





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