If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)


If Beale Street Could Talk

I have to say honestly that this was one of my most hyped films of 2018. The trailer for the film had such a beautiful score and wonderful imagery, you just knew that you would be in for something special. Moonlight is a very good film, although I wasn’t  as crazy about it as most people were. I am pleased with If Beale Street Could Talk, it may not be as high regarded as Moonlight was two years ago but there’s no denying that Barry Jenkins has once again brought forth a beauty of a work.

The film is about a young Black woman who finds out she is expecting a child. The main issue is that her lover has been imprisoned for a crime that he most likely did not commit. She (played by a wonderful KiKi Layne) must deal with telling her family and his as well as preparing for motherhood without the touch or presence of her mother. The film also explores the Black community in New York and the troubles faced, which still resonate today. The film also stars Stephan James, Colman Domingo, and a very excellent Regina King.

As with Moonlight, the film has such a wonderful score and absolutely beautiful imagery. The film employs the same personal profile shots of its characters with faces that tell an expressive story. Same with the slow panning between characters and profound dialogue. The film feels like a work of art, and Jenkins and his crew have perfected their storytelling as a form of art. The performances all around are great but I have to single out Regina King for having the best role of her career. She should surely be getting an academy nod for Best Supporting Actress.

I liked this film better than Moonlight and just felt like it met its expectations. It tells a very important story with problems that are still faced today, much like with Moonlight. To me, this just felt like an experience from beginning to end. Barry Jenkins is quickly showing himself off as a storytelling extraordinaire through his very artistic portrayal of his characters, story, and images. Go and see this film.



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