Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)


Ralph Breaks the Internet

It’s taken a  few years but original filmmaker, Rich Moore and the original screenwriter Phil Johnston return to bring the sequel to a fairly beloved first film. I liked the creativity that was put into the original and enjoyed it more than some of Pixar’s work actually. The sequel is something where I didn’t know what to expect but was going to check out just because. I don’t think Ralph Breaks the Internet is as good as the first film but much like the first film the film keeps busy and has enough pop culture and video game references to keep it rolling.

In this film, Vanellope’s Sugar Rush game has been shut down as the steering wheel has broken and the money required to fix the game is excessive. Times are changing and the arcade now has w-fi. Ralph and Vanellope have the idea of going into the internet and exploring the online world, in hopes of buying a replacement game steering wheel from Ebay to keep Sugar Rush at the arcade. Along the way the duo encounter all the whips and quirks of the online world.

I think the film has some pretty great moments and references. Namely, the Disney princesses segment. I thought that was funny and that’s the kind of creativity and wit that makes the first film work. I wasn’t overly fond of other aspects of the film especially the parts in Slaughter Race, as it felt drawn out. I think the film doesn’t utilize the full extent of what it can do. The internet and everything that goes on in it is so vast but the references don’t always deliver in a meaningful way.

The animation and sound is obviously brilliant. Its a competent sequel to the first film and should please fans of the original with relative ease. I think the first one had a more memorable presence, despite Ralph Breaks the Internet having some fun moments. Not that bothered that a sequel for Wreck-It Ralph has come out because its one of the better Disney films in recent years as is so it was justified, I guess.



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