The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Before actually seeing this film, I have to admit that I was hyped for this film. I’ve liked Disney’s live action adaptations, and yes that includes Alice in Wonderland. The film looked like it would carry the form of a very excellent Beauty and the Beast from last year. The film had a good cast, looked grand viscerally, what could go wrong, right? Absolutely everything. This film was a massive disappointment almost from its opening frame.  I’m actually surprised at how big of a misfire this was.

The film is about a girl named Clara who follows a thieving little mouse to find a magical world that her mother had previously discovered. The world that she discovers has all the wonders you can imagine and consists of pure fantasy. Among the four realms lives someone named Mother Ginger who is apparently trying to bring down the other realms and bring havoc. This is Mackenzie Foy’s first lead role and she stars alongside Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman.

The cast can’t save this film. its soulless. For all the pretty and wondrous visuals on display (no doubt the film looks amazing), it is completely soulless. Everyone is going through the motions, the plot finds itself being so convoluted, and its just hard to stay invested in anything that’s going on. It’s a good thing that this film wasn’t so long because if it had anymore it would be absolutely miserable. Disney’ usually doesn’t churn out complete garbage like this, so its kind of shocking.

Visually its great, but that’s not enough to save this mess. Its a shame for Foy as she could be a future star but this isn’t the vehicle to go on. I kind of fear a bit for what’s coming because I’m not feeling the live action Aladdin that is coming soon. I heard bad things but I had to check it out and form my own opinion. This thing is so hollow and won’t b remembered at all in a few months time.


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