Overlord (2018)



Initially thought of as the next film in the loose Cloverfield series but I’m glad its its own entity. That franchise is on a nose dive and I was curious as to the looks of this one. Its under the J.J. Abrams banner and from a relatively unknown filmmaker. I was actually surprised by how solid this film was and was pleased. Its a war film and zombie film hybrid but one that is really effective because of the fact that it gets both genres right. I’m happy.

The film takes place on the eve of D-Day and sees a crew land from plane and attempt to take out a German tower. Along the way they befriend a civilian who aids them to the tower. However, once they get to the tower they start to discover that there are very disturbing Nazi experiments that are occurring in that tower. These secret experiments are occurring to create the perfect war soldier and the crew need to try to contain the horrors they see.

The film, as mentioned earlier, works effectively as a war film because its tense, gritty, loud, and realistic in its depiction. Had a Saving Private Ryan feel. Then the film explores the more re-animation/zombie elements and its still great. The costumes and potential effects look great and it becomes an entertaining mindless horror survival at times. The blend of both genres works very well which makes for a good popcorn film.

The unimaginable wartime horrors witnessed are supernatural and you get to see it from the shock on the soldier’s faces. There was probably a basis for truth here because I’m sure there were Nazi experiments that occurred but obviously nothing to this extent or result. Overall, Overlord is a surprisingly fun time all around and has enough originality going for it to stand on its own. An Overlord universe would fare better than a Cloverfield universe.


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