Venom (2018)



When we were talking about a stand alone Venom film, the possibilities seemed endless. It looks like Sony is deciding to launch their own Marvel Universe that is separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I don’t have much of a problem with. On top of that, getting Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock? This should have been something very memorable and fun. Unfortunately, what we get is an average superhero film that is uneven and doesn’t grab your interest. Its not a good start to this new set of films that are being planned, if that’s the case.

The film is about a journalist who loses his job after he tried to report a scandal against a large corporation and the malpractice involved. His life falls apart and his girlfriend also leaves him. He soon finds himself going back to the corporation and gets infected by a symbiote that becomes a part of him. The symbiote causes voices in his head, a black shapeshifting substance that covers his body and gives him super human powers and a voracious appetite. The film also stars Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Jenny Slate. As with other Marvel films stay after the credits for a scene.

Where do I start? The film has a few boring passages. The Venom character looks good in some scenes but then looks choppy in others. Tom Hardy does his best with what he could in a film that mixes darkness and humor awkwardly. The villain is weak and the film falls into the typical pitfalls of these types of comic book films. There are moments that are definitely fun. The quality of it is low compared to the incredible MCU films and this film comes in with a whimper while Iron Man made waves as the first in the MCU. It’s unfair to compare sure, but the film needed a backbone of real originality to do the character justice

The film has moments of intensity, which keeps it engaging but momentarily. Maybe Venom needs Spidey to really keep it interesting, I don’t know. I mean I actually don’t know if this film is any better than any of the MCU films, which is kind of insane. Overall, I wanted to really like this as it has a good cast and an important and popular character in the Marvel universe. It could have been so much better.




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