A Simple Favor (2018)


A Simple Favor

I love all things Anna Kendrick. Big role or small, I’ve seen every single one of her films. So, pair her with Blake Lively and the excitement goes through the roof. I don’t mind a bit of Paul Feig. I was certainly interested to see him dip into something a little more serious, despite it seeming a little off color for him. Having seen the film now, I’d say it super silly, campy, and mostly predictable but its an enjoyable time mostly through the work of Kendrick and Lively and the chemistry they possess.

The film is about a single mom (with a vlog), who becomes friends with a mysterious, sexy, but ultimately unpredictable woman. As their friendship solidifies, Emily (the friend played by Blake Lively) mysteriously vanishes. Attempts at trying to figure out Emily’s whereabouts become more mysterious when each event unfolds. Is it her husband who is responsible for her disappearance? What secrets are Emily hiding? All this and more answered in this film.

The characters are a bit typecast. Anna Kendrick once again plays the goofy and awkward but ultimately good-natured girl. Blake Lively is the sexy seductress who has men wrapped around her fingers. This isn’t so much of a bad thing as both characters play to their strengths and play off each other well. The back and forth is oft humorous. You can see Feig’s comedic style oozing out of the film. Which was welcome because it keeps things light-hearted and silly. Its a silly film through and through, its campy all the way. The multiple twists don’t always hit because they are fairly predictable. Its something I’m willing to get past because I didn’t expect a masterpiece here but wanted to get a good dose of Kendrick and Lively.

Overall the film is sexy, mysterious, stupid, and funny all at once. I’m not sure if it is Feig’s best but I found it to be an improvement over Ghostbusters and Spy. Side note, but Blake Lively’s on screen child was terrible. I get that he’s a good but good grief that kid only knew how to yell lines at the top of his lungs. The film looks nice and Blake Lively is always looking fashionable. Kendrick is at the top of her game. Its a fun watch. Also, look out for under utilized Rupert Friend. The interactions between him and Kendrick were gold and we needed more of that. This film will get you craving a martini.



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