The Nun (2018)


The Nun

I’m not super crazy about this Conjuring Universe, but I have seen all the films in the series. The two Conjuring films are decent, and Annabelle: Creation was quite a fun film. The first Annabelle was trash though. The trailer for The Nun was fun to watch (also to see friends jump when watching it the first time). I had fears of the universe of this films running dry at some point, and I kind of feel like that was the case with The Nun. It seems lax in its plot and like it doesn’t know what its doing. Its not a completely bad effort, but one that was unnecessary.

The film takes place in 1952 Romania, where nuns in monastery mysteriously die. A man from a village witnesses one of the dead bodies and then gets help from a priest and a young novitiate to uncover what exactly happened to the nuns. They soon realize that a portal has been opened and a demonic presence haunts them and this presence likes to assume the form of a nun to blend into its surroundings. The trio must overcome the horrors brought upon them and find a way to stop the nun. Interestingly, the film stars Vera Farmiga’s (Conjuring star) younger sister, Taissa.

Positives first. The film has moments of good atmospheric scenery. It looks nice at a lot of points and the score isn’t so bad. The nun and other monsters present throughout look the part, so visually The Nun has that going for it. Taissa Farmiga was also perfect for the role as she is believable as a novitiate starting out who tries to keep faith in adversity. Unfortunately, the plot of the film is a bunch of things. Its messy, boring, and doesn’t always come to fruition. Its the case of a good horror character in the Universe who should appear in the Conjuring films but didn’t need its own film.

The jump scares in this film are predictable. Every single one horror is set up in a way where you know exactly what will occur. It’ll please general moviegoers I guess but for me The Nun was a disappointment for the most part. Many may disagree but I think this series needs to wind down and stop with its prequels. The prequels really have only worked once with Annabelle: Creation. Of course, I do expect this film to get a sequel, especially if it makes good bank at the box office.



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