Searching (2018)



The marketing for this film and the style of the film was very reminiscent of the Unfriended series, that’s something that was immediately present. Not that that’s a bad thing, they aren’t the greatest thing ever but I find those films to be entertaining. Regardless, upon seeing Searching I was really impressed with the film and surprised at how entertaining it turned out to be. Its a film that I feel deserves a second watch just to see everything that goes on at each scene.

The film is about a recently widowed father whose daughter mysteriously disappears one night. He tries to get a hold of friends and anyone else who would know what happened to her. he soon realizes that he barely knew his daughter and how much she hid from him. Along with the help of an esteemed police detective, the father uncovers the startling secret as to what really happened to his daughter. The film stars John Cho and Debra Messing and takes place entirely through technological (handheld, computer, etc.) devices.

I was thoroughly surprised at how entertaining this film was. There’s never a dull moment from beginning to end. You may have your theories about what’s going on but the film does a good job of sucking you in to a theory only to twist it moments later. Its really gripping and there isn’t a scene that isn’t important. Everything seems to link which I felt really makes the film quality upon reflection. John Cho was also really good in this and he showed that he can handle a lead role on his own.

I would say the ending of the film starts getting a little farfetched but it still works. As a matter of fact, the investigation done by the father in this film requires an almost impossible level of acumen. This was actually one of my favorite films of the past summer, which I wasn’t expecting. It is marketing on its gimmick but I thought even without that format its got a good story and development of its plot that makes the film worthwhile. See it for yourself and see what you think about it.



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