The Happytime Murders (2018)


The Happytime Murders

This film garnered early negative press by being sued because of its Sesame Street related tagline. Of course, any type of publicity is good publicity so I was interested in checking this film out. A world where humans and puppets live together but in a much more R rated scope is something that should be great, on paper at least. Then again, the addition of Melissa McCarthy gets a mixed reaction from me as more often than not I dislike her films. This film has humor that is scattered, and a plot that is predictable, but it turned out to be better than I thought.

The film is about a puppet private investigator/ex-detective who becomes involved in the murders of former puppet stars of the TV show, The Happytime Gang.” While trying to solve the case and clear his own name he reunites with his former partner (Melissa McCarthy) as they together try to unravel the mystery of the hits on the puppets. Puppets are also looked down on in the world of this film, which makes life for a bunch of puppets difficult.

There are a few funny moments scattered here and there that I got a good laugh out of. As you would expect, the films content is raunchy and don’t expect it to be light. Cow jerk off porn, puppet pubic hair, puppets tweaking and offering oral sex, the works. The film does have moments that are meant to be funny but don’t garner much of an audience reaction. I thought McCarthy was decent in this. The films plot is somewhat predictable which I felt detracts from what could have been accomplished with the film.

I thought side roles in the film did help out with the films entertainment and humor, namely through Maya Rudolph and Joel McHale. The film tries its best to be raunchy and offensive but doesn’t really feel memorable and won’t have a longstanding impact. It felt like Netflix’s Bright but obviously a less somber and stupid version. I admire the idea and the work taken to put the puppets to screen but the film still feels familiar and does not make it up with enough humor to make it a future favorite.


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