Never Goin’ Back (2018)


Never Goin’ Back

Whoever made the trailer for this film really knew how to get my hyped for it. Looked like a stupid film about teenagers who did nothing but do drugs and do dumb stuff. Its pretty much exactly that and its good enough in that regard. The laughs don’t come at all times but when they do its absolutely hilarious. I had a good time with this, might give it a re-watch some time down the road. Its like a Pineapple Express but with teenage girls, an enjoyable 90 minutes.

The film is about two teenage waitresses who are looking forward to go the beach and relax. They put their rent money into that vacation. In the meantime they are affiliated with their drug dealing roommates, and mix into that lifestyle themselves. Along the way, the girls get fired, get stoned, puke, and party. You know, the typical stuff. Oh yeah, and one of the leads needs to take a crap for the entire duration of the film, this is a legit storyline.

I liked both lead actresses in their roles. These are two girls who are looking for short cuts to get ahead. They are at a dead end job and just want to do drugs and party. The characters are annoying at times but overall you want to see where they go next. I think the chicken shop robbery was absolutely hilarious. The comedy isn’t effective everywhere but when it is, its hilarious. The moments where the two leads have edibles and are stoned the rest of the way is incredibly accurate.

The film is legitimately about nothing and has no stakes. Not that problematic because its still funny. Have you ever needed to poop really badly but had to hold it in for a long period of time? Yeah, so that’s a plot point here. The film is just going to fade away as swiftly as it came but it was an enjoyable effort. Side note, Kyle Mooney somehow manages to become the MVP once again.



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