Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Who doesn’t love a good ABBA tune? I’m a pretty big fan of their music, ABBA were responsible for some absolutely timeless boppers. I did like the first Mamma Mia! film as well. Its nothing spectacular but the ABBA catalog and the cast keep the film rolling. I liked the idea of a sequel a decade letter as soon as I heard “Dancing Queen” in the trailer. The sequel, is not as good and probably does not need to exist but you’ll be darned if you don’t tap your feet and sing along.

The film has two timelines. In the present day Sophie Sheridan is planning a grand opening of her mother’s villa. She is pregnant and is looking towards the future to celebrate with family and friends. The other timeline is where we see a young Donna and how she meets the three men that she has had relations with in the first film. There are parallels between the events of the present and past as made very evident in the events of the film. Pretty much everyone returns with the addition of a very game Lily James and Cher.

The film has gorgeous location settings and is as eye popping as ever. Its fun at most times though never feels like it takes the next step. I loved the addition of Lily James. First of all, she is absolutely gorgeous. Second, she really embodies the role and brings a spark of energy and sound that the film needed. I liked the past timeline way more than the present. There’s a strong lack of good story and writing. Events are just put together for the sake of using an ABBA song. Same with the Meryl Streep inclusion, it just feels lazily put together for it to be there.

Every song cover doesn’t work, some are better than others. I enjoyed most of the covers and performances. I love a lot of ABBA’s, work so being able to see a different rendition of it is fun to watch. As mentioned earlier some songs seem like they are put in for the sake of it and the story seems weak in that regard. Its not as good as the first, but hey you get to hear some bomb ass music, even if some of the passages (especially near the end) border on cringe. Now, lets get Lily James in absolutely everything, please.


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