Uncle Drew (2018)


Uncle Drew

A film that was spawned from Pepsi Max commercials. Still a better idea than giving a show to the Geico cavemen. I liked the trailer for this film enough. I like Kyrie Irving as a player, so seeing him taking on acting as an old basketball legend was something I wanted to see. This film also sees two stars who recently blew up (Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery) in lead roles (well almost lead in Haddish’s case). The film definitely has its problems and is a by the books underdog sports film but I found it really entertaining.

The film is about a man named Dax who coaches a early Rucker Classic against his rival. However, this year the team that he has assembled has been taken by his competitor and he looks to recruit a new one. He recruits an old street basketball legend named Uncle Drew. Drew brings together a completely unlikely senior basketball team and they must learn how to co-exist and regain their athletic prowess to win the tournament.

I liked the rag tag team of Reggie Miller, Shaq, Lisa Leslie, Chris Webber, and Nate Robinson. its so incredibly dumb but fun. You can’t take any part of this film seriously as its ridiculous. Its fairly funny despite being a routine sports film with underdogs pressing against the odds and struggling to get along. Its nothing new and albeit its formulaic nature its easy to enjoy.

The best part of this film is the actual basketball. The final game is fun to watch and packed with popping three pointers, dunks and alley oops. Its incredibly fun to watch especially if you have a love for the sport. I think Howery does well enough in a lead role although he does feel a little too comical at times. Overall, this is a dumb film no doubt, its just something you need to turn your brain off to and enjoy.



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