Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Marvel has had a hell of a year. Between the massive success of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, we get a third MCU film of the much more light hearted sequel to Ant-Man. This time though the Wasp (played by Evangeline Lilly) is taking equal hero plaudits. I had re-watched Ant-Man this past week and liked it a lot more on its most recent viewing. It wasn’t the tip top of MCU films but was enjoyable for being different and having Paul Rudd as a superhero. I don’t think the sequel is as entertaining as the first but it is still an enjoyable ride.

The film explores the quest of Hank Pym and his daughter, Hope, to find Janet Van Dyne, a superhero who went subatomic years ago and has been lost in the quantum realm. The key to her whereabouts are in Scott Lang’s head. However, a mysterious woman named Ghost disrupts their mission as she wants to use the energy Janet has procured in the quantum realm to bring stability to her own being. Sounds like a lot going on, and that’s definitely the case with this film.

The film has much more going on; more moving pieces. There are two groups of villains and multiple plot lines not as straightforward as the first film. The film does have some funny moments but I don’t think all of them actually land. There isn’t a whole lot of Michelle Pfeiffer in the film either, a bit of a waste. Also felt like Ava Starr/Ghost was a stale villain with minimal or ineffective characterization.

The stakes feel low in this effort, which I see as more of a good thing. The latest Avengers film was darker than any MCU film we’ve seen and we needed to see a silly, light, and comedic follow up and that’s exactly what this film is. The action scenes (big and small) are as fun as ever. I really like Evangeline Lilly i a more prominent heroic role. Think both Ant-Man and Wasp were able to share the spot light well. Also, think this film series is still some of the best stuff from Michael Douglas in a while.

We have been spoiled by so many great Marvel films recently that this seems like a not as remarkable effort. Its a worthy sequel to the first film although I found myself being more invested in the plot and humor of the first film. I will say this, after the events of the latest Avengers the entire franchise is heading in a gripping direction and I’m excited as ever for what comes next.



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