Hereditary (2018)



Everyone’s favorite production company (A24), comes back with a much anticipated horror film. I liked the trailer for this, despite feeling like it didn’t reveal a whole lot. Also the film seemed to get a lot of early hype, and I’m not just talking about the parents and kids panicking when they accidentally showed this trailer at a screening of Peter Rabbit.  The film earned high praise early on but of course I had to see this for myself. I’ve let the viewing sink in and I know that I really like this film despite it being full of questions.

The film follows a family after the death of the grandma. The family initially seems to be at odds with one another. We soon find out that the daughter of the family, Charlie, was close with her grandmother. Charlie is the type who is quiet and has odd mannerisms including a clucking sound. Without saying much more, the family experiences tragedy and find out that things aren’t what they seem as they feel like they are being haunted by an evil presence.

It is so hard to talk about the plot without revealing something crazy. Just watch this film. Its not a conventional horror film, the film is almost entirely devoid of jump scares and does not really and scaring you in the moment. The film is more cerebral; its a psychological film that is engorging from beginning to end. Its shot extremely well, and is detail oriented. Ari Aster absolutely knocks it out of the park in his film debut. There are things and moments in this film that I still question, and I feel like the director leaves many clues and easter eggs throughout. This film demands a second watch.

I don’t see Toni Colette in many films but my god she is amazing in this. Absolutely portrays every emotion perfectly. You see the rage, depression, fear, and absolute terror all emoted on her face. Such great praise for her  and Alex Wolff who was also excellent. Lets not forget Ann Dowd as well, she’s always solid in everything she’s in and does not disappoint here either. The performances really add to the aura of what you are seeing on screen.

This film has some really memorable scenes. I don’t get scared by horror films but this one really has scenes that are brilliant. I was even laughing hysterically at some parts and finding myself surprised by what transpires. I think everyone should try to see this and unpack what this film offers. I will say though, I thought the ending could have been better and feel like there are things in the film that demanded explanation. Its fine though, this is one of the best films of the year so far.



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