Book Club (2018)


Book Club

Oddly enough I was pretty hyped for Book Club. Seeing some of the great actresses of decades ago working together for a romantic comedy? I was in. Especially since I think Mary Steenburgen is super HOT. She is aging so gracefully, and I’m ready to argue with anyone who disagrees. Anyways I thought the film was as expected. its sweet has characters to like, and can be enjoyed by younger and older crowds alike.

The film is about for women in a book club and how their romantic lives become influenced by the books they read. They decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey and they try to incorporate what they read in the book to their romantic lives. Of course, there are bumps in the road for each of the four ladies’ relationships and they need to collaborate and explore how they can make things work. Apart from Super hot Mary, the film also stars Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen.

The reading of the Fifty Shades series or even having the book club isn’t completely necessary. The film is about the ladies’ relationships and it could survive without the club or the books. Not all of the romance arcs are as interesting as the others but the actresses make it work. The humor is timely and comes at good times. There a few sexual references but overall the film is safe and sweet.

This is overall a very simple film that does not have a whole lot going on. The plot is supplementedĀ  by a good cast who make the film a charming experience. I was just happy to see the likes of Keaton, Fonda, and Steenburgen working together even if it came decades after they were ever present in Hollywood. Perfect film to just sit and enjoy with a glass of wine.



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