Beast (2018)



I heard really good things about this so wanted to check it out. I watched Taboo, so I know Jessie Buckley from that series and know she’s a talent. It’s always nice to stay in the dark about a film’s plot, which is relatively easier for these limited release films. I liked Beast from the get go and thought it did a lot very well. its overall, a well acted and really well made film. Its not as mysterious as it may seem but it does excellent portrayal of a relationship that against all odds attempts to flourish, despite the dangers involved.

The film is about a girl named Moll who meets a mysterious boy named Pascal and they instantly become romantically involved. Things become complicated when Moll’s family show their disapproval of Pascal. Also, girls from the town are getting brutally murdered and the mystery seems to point to Pascal. Moll must try to follow her heart while also considering who her boyfriend could really be. Johnny Flynn stars alongside Buckley as Pascal.

I think Jessie Buckley knocks her performance out of the park. She is tremendous and you see her go through love, rejection, and she always shows off pure emotion. The film itself has amazing countryside and beach-side cinematography and works so well because of the strength of the leads and the absolute dark and bleak story. Its very strong in many areas. I think the plot could have used work in certain parts but that doesn’t take away from the film.

There are moments in the film that are portrayed perfectly, it keeps you watching intently and hoping for more. I urge film lovers to watch this because its a good effort that will be appreciated by people in the mood for a dark and romantic thriller. I hope to see Jessie Buckley in other work because she is the high point of this really good thriller. A lot of films can learn from this.


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