Traffik (2018)



No, not the Steven Soderbergh film. This one is spelt wrong for some reason. Getting past the really dumb title, I was sort of interested in this film after the trailer. Looked like it could be a decent home invasion thriller, and sometimes that’s what we need. Paula Patton isn’t in a whole lot but when she is I want to see it, because I find her super attractive. Not that familiar with Deon Taylor apart from that awful film he made a few years back (Meet The Blacks), so I felt that this would be a real decider of if he could bring a solid film. All things said, I enjoyed this film.

The film is about a couple who are having a romantic getaway in a remote house. On the way to their vacation location , they have a scuffle with a biker gang. It turns out that one of the girls associated with the gang, puts their phone in the bag of the protagonist (Paula Patton). The phone has information about an illegal prostitution ring of trafficked girls. Now the gang need to get their phone back even if it means killing whoever is trying to bring their actions to justice.  The film becomes a cat and mouse tale of survival. Its not perfect or original but I found it quite fun.

I don’t think the acting in this film is great. Paula Patton does a solid job, although when she had to show heavy emotion I don’t think it was so believable. Also, she is a stunning actress but I felt like some of the shots of her in this film were kind of gratuitous shots of her in a sexual light. The film doesn’t really have that slow sense of horror build as seen in similar horror films where invaders are stalking the lead actors. Its fine though because its fun and a simple watch. I don’t know what was going on with Laz Alonso’s character but he was all over the place.

Is this film memorable? No. Is it going to make any end of year lists? Probably not. Its just fine for what it is though. I like watching films to pass the time and that’s the purpose of a film like this. Yes, some characters make stupid decisions but its what makes stuff like this entertaining. Don’t look for a masterpiece and you should be able to enjoy this. Now, the road is clear to Avengers: Infinity War. Stay tuned  for a review on that soon.


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