Truth or Dare (2018)


Truth or Dare

I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars (unfortunately) and I’ve kind of always thought Lucy Hale wasn’t a good actress, so seeing that she was the lead in a film wasn’t really convincing. Still, as is the case with everything else I decided to give this film its fair shot. The film had a weirdly entertaining premise but then falls into pitfalls and cliches we see before and ultimately fails to be a good film. Some moments are good but the stale script and non-engagement of the film make it disappointing.

The film is about a group of friends who are spending their spring break in Mexico. Once there, they meet a guy who convinces them to travel to a desolate location and play a game of truth or dare. They soon realize that they are trapped in this very real game. If the group do not do a truth or dare properly they are killed. There also other rules to the game that are revealed as the film goes along. The friends must find a way to break the curse of the game before they all die out.

The acting from the cast isn’t all that and its hard to get invested into any of their characters. Why should you even care about this group of friends. There are many cliches that are so familiar. The friends who don’t believe, the friends that cheat on each other, the curse of a foreign location, the final girls. Everything has been seen and done before. The film is also devoid of any scares. Blumhouse productions has been responsible for a better brand of horror so this pales in comparison to other films.

There is nothing memorable here except for the insanely stupid looking grinning faces of the characters. This actually feels like it should be a fan made Youtube or something like that. It’ll do the minimum of providing a somewhat entertaining time but it cannot be denied that this is a very average teeny “horror” film that’s been seen and done before and has no chilling moments. Don’t take the dare of watching this.


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