I Feel Pretty (2018)


I Feel Pretty

Really not the biggest fan of Amy Schumer, don’t think she’s that funny. Trainwreck was okay and Snatched was not very funny at all. I liked the trailer for I Feel Pretty because it seemed like an absurd idea but one that I really wanted to see play it. I get that the film had controversy surrounding the casting and content for the premise of the film but my reviews keep outside controversies separated from the review of the film. The film has a few moments where you laugh but most of the good stuff is already in the trailer.

The film is about a very insecure girl named Renee and her struggles with everyday acceptance. One day she hits her head while at a soul cycle gym which changes her outlook on her appearance, despite there being no discernible change. All of a sudden her confidence skyrockets, she gets her dream job, starts hanging with a different social circle, and finds a man. Obviously, this feeling and life that she perceives cannot last forever.

I think Schumer does a good job in the role. The film works at many stages when its not supposed to because Schumer can sell it. I’d commend Michelle Williams as well as this was a different type of role for her and it actually came off well. As mentioned earlier the laughs are sparse. The best laughs are seen in the trailer. The film srunning length doesn’t help as there are passages which feel dull and unnecessary. Like the whole arc with Tom Hopper’s character. The film becomes predictable as you know exactly where it goes before it gets there. The end message is a good one but one you saw coming miles away.

Overall, I think there is so much that could have been done in terms of humor with this film but it was a missed opportunity. You had a really committed Amy Schumer to boot but didn’t really deliver in the writing of the script. The film gets pretty mixed on what it wants to say as the journey goes on, which a lot of people won’t like. I’m open to seeing Schumer in something better. Interesting idea, mostly failed delivery.


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