Blockers (2018)



I loved the trailer for this when I saw it. I felt like the trailer gave a lot of the film away but was very humorous and was able to encapsulate some of its best parts. I also wanted to see John Cena in a more prominent role in a film. From what I’ve seen in his limited capacity he seemed like an actor who could prosper in a comedic role. That is exactly the case with this film. After twenty or so minutes to get settled, the film offers great entertainment, laugh out loud moments, and even important lessons.

The film is about three parents who have become estranged and their quest to stop their virginal daughters from having sex on prom night. By mistake they discover text messages on a computer indicating that the girls wanted to lose their virginity.  The parent’s go through a crazy adventure as they try to pinpoint their location and try to stop them from making a giant mistake. The film also stars Leslie Mann and a very game Ike Barinholtz.

The film is a bit rough in the beginning. The laughs take a while to develop but as soon as the leads discover what their daughters are up to the funny kicks in and the film shifts into another gear. John Cena does a really good job in a more prominent comedic role. Same with the other two leads. The film has lapses here and there but there are some downright humorously crude moments that make you burst out in laughter.

The film is actually a really impressive debut by Kay Cannon. Her film takes a different spin on sex crazed teens (by focusing on young girls) and captures important moments of discussions on acceptance, teenage sexuality, and relationships with parents and dealing with impending changes in life. The film doesn’t get overly serious about it which works well. The film also is a nice, refreshing way to bring a coming of age film which focuses on parents just as much as the kids. The film probably won’t hold up as well on a re-watch but for now I’m riding on a high. Eggplant emoji.


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