Thoroughbreds (2018)



This one is kind of the under the radar dark comedic thriller that came, and not many people heard of. I saw the trailer for this and wanted to make it a mission to see it. Two young teenage girls with psychopathic tendencies? Count me in. After watching this film, I am satisfied although it was a bit below par of the expectations I had. Which is perfectly fine, as its quite a solid little work and an impressive debut for Cory Finley.

The film is about a girl named Lily who spends time with her schoolmate Amanda. Lily realizes that Amanda has no emotion; she does not feel empathy, happiness, and can fake cry using “the technique.” Lily hates her stepfather who is emotionally abusive. Lily and Amanda decide to plan the murder of the stepfather and even go as far as to enlist the help of a small time drug dealer through blackmail. Of course, things aren’t as easy as it seems and the plan is problematic.

Finley’s film doesn’t exactly tread any ground that film lovers like me haven’t seen before but it does a lot right. The film is stylistically alluring in the way that its shot and the way it portrays a dark and somber atmosphere. This is also complimented by a jarring score. Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke are already budding young actresses and it is no surprise that both are in tune in Thoroughbreds. The film has violent events occur but never really depicts those scenes which keeps the film clean despite its very dark nature.

Rich people and their problems at full display here. Its slow and slightly funny but is a fun watch nonetheless. It was also nice to see Anton Yelchin here in his abrupt final film role. I don’t expect a whole many people to have heard of or go out of their way to watch this film. Its great though. Something that may have a cult status in a few years and something I might want to re-visit. Side note, the film posters for this film are phenomenal.


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