Samson (2018)



On the weekend where everyone and their mother is watching Black Panther, I watched Samson on opening night….. I do have plans to see Black Panther in a day or two, so no worries. With Samson I was expecting a pretty bad film but something that could bring cheesy fun. When you go in with expectations like that, you get exactly what you ask for. Samson is bad, its cheesy, nonsensical, and poor on cinematic effects but did you really expect any different?

This film is the live adaptation of the story of the same name from the Book of Judges. Its about Samson, a man with incredible strength given by God and his rival Prince Rallah. Rallah murders Samson’s wife and sends his army after Samson. Ultimately, Samson is betrayed by Delilah, and Samson loses his power. If you aren’t familiar with the religious story, I’d say its quite an interesting story which was the main reason why I wanted to see it. Its bad, make no mistake about it.

The lead actor looks rather identical to Taylor Lautner if he was more buff. The acting and dialogue all around is atrocious. Samson himself becomes an annoying character because you realize how incredibly illogical some decisions are. The film has a lot of dumb moments but its laughable at least. The visual effects, especially the scenes where they show the ancient city look very computerized. At least the film had chubby Billy Zane though.

I doubt many people know about this film or even want to ever watch it. Overall, its a wreck and its exactly what is expected from a film about a historically religious character. The film sets up a tease for what seems like David v Goliath so I think we might have to prepare for a Religious Cinematic Universe.



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