The Man From Earth: Holocene (2018)


The Man From Earth: Holocene

I saw The Man From Earth a few years back when the plot outline sounded interesting. It was about a professor who is at a going away party with colleagues where he reveals to them he is actually over 14,000 years old and has existed for centuries. He had met Christopher Columbus, was an original follower of Buddha, and was actually the man who came to be known as Jesus Christ. Its an insane story but the film was massively entertaining and ran with an idea that was creative and intriguing. I had no idea that a sequel was going to happen so I was excited to check it out.

The Man From Earth: Holocene takes place ten years later where John Oldman (the man who has lived centuries) is trying to live his life in secret. He disappears every ten years or so when people realize he does not age. His students find out who he is and at first are in disbelief. They then confront Oldman about his past and try to get answers about history and life that only he can answer. Interestingly, this film was released for legal downloading by the filmmaker, who then proceeded to ask for donations if viewers liked the film.

As mentioned earlier, the subject matter of the first film really kept me thinking. I thought it was quite brilliant. While the sequel does not surpass its predecessor its interesting. This film focuses more heavily on the students involved and is not as focused, but there’s just something about this film that is just as appealing as the last.Its not exactly well acted, and the students’ humor and dialogue falls flat a lot but the film manages to build well on its predecessor.

The film is a bit more open ended and does not really resolve its conflict but I think the future of this film series could be bright honestly and I want to see whats next. I know, I am definitely rating this way higher than other people were but there’s something about this series that I find fascinating. Its like a low budget film in production and scale but its got gigantic ideas and philosophies in its writing. Impressed.




3 thoughts on “The Man From Earth: Holocene (2018)

    1. Thanks for the comment! Definitely check out The Man From Earth (2007) first as that’s going to definitely be up your alley based on what you described. It also sets the landscape for its sequel. People were pretty mixed on the sequel but hey I liked it


      1. Sometimes I don’t understand why someone does or does not like a movie. The Man From Earth: Holocene is a perfectly fine movie but seems to be getting a bad rap from most people. Thank you for a more positive review!

        The movie is not big budget but has a good story to tell. I agree the second movie does not have the impact the first one did but I’m ok with that. There really was no time to have another thought provoking movie, stuff happens when people figure out they have a 14,000 year old man in their midst!

        I think it might be too easy to miss for many people to miss that this IS however also a thought provoking movie. Those moments happen fairly quickly but in my opinion are solid commentary on where society is these days ( not the best place possible ) and really the driver for the movies being written in the first place. These stories are about John Oldman’s concern for the planet and people he has loved for so long and what he was willing to risk telling a few people he cared about (in the first movie) who he really is and that there is a better way. Continuing the story in any way can only be the telling of what happens after sharing that information.

        Unless the author has a super serious twist which has not yet been revealed I don’t know how much more thought provoking material can come from this story. Now it’s just a matter of watching the dominoes fall as it were and drawing that out in an interesting manner.


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