Marshall (2017)



This was a better look into Chadwick Boseman than the million copies of himself he played in Gods of Egypt. I mean we get a good taste in Captain America: Civil War but Marshall was supposed to be a real showcase of his acting ability. I’ll say that the trailers didn’t really catch my attention. Wasn’t in any kind of rush to see it but did get to it eventually. I think it was quite decent. Boseman and Josh Gad are good in it. The themes are familiar but handled quite well.

The film is a look at the first black Supreme Court Justice in his early days when he was a lawyer for the NAACP. A black man is on trial for the rape of a white woman and Marshall along with Sam Friedman take on this giant case in attempt to declare the mans innocence. Of course, the film takes place in a politically charged climate so the pair face adversity in the streets and also in the courtroom. The film also stars Dan Stevens and Kate Hudson (who I haven’t seen in a while).

As mentioned earlier Boseman and Gad really make the film interesting with their strong performances. No real new ground is covered here. We get films around the civil rights era all the time and many just blend in. The other thing that makes Marshall work is the fact that its a procedural court room drama. I am a sucker for a film with an interesting case. This one is fairly predictable, nonetheless it manages to keep you interested.

I think 2017 has actually been quite a good year for cinema so I can see this film just kind of fading into the background. Its good. Nothing amazing but the film has enough going for it in a few departments. Oddly enough since this film takes off quite early in Marshall’s life we might even get a Thurgood Marshall Cinematic Universe. It would be better than the Dark Monsters Universe (or whatever it was called).


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