Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)


Daddy’s Home 2

I loved the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pairing in The Other Guys. It was honestly one of the funniest comedies of this past decade. The actors have good chemistry and can play off each other well. I didn’t love the first Daddy’s Home, but the film had enough decent comedic moments to keep me interested in a sequel, especially with the addition of MAD Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. Overall, its what you’d expect from the film, not overly memorable and gets lost along the way but it offers comedic moments and a good time.

It’s holiday season and both Brad and Dusty are co-parenting their kids and seem to have found a common ground. Enter Both their dads (played by Gibson and Lithgow). This sudden shakeup provides to be a test for them and their families as they explore problems and try to find ways to have an awesome Christmas despite all the trials and shenanigans that now present themselves. Mel Gibson is not in many films these days so this was a pretty rare appearance for him. Also, we have more John Cena.

I feel like the jokes are at times predictable, however some of them are able to land. Its a film that didn’t need a sequel especially a predominantly holiday themed film. Lithgow and Gibson and more Cena is nice, but you can’t help but feel they needed better material and are wasted a bit in the film. The film can’t help but feel formulaic at a time where a creative approach to a  holiday comedy would have worked better. Its more or less on the level of the recent A Bad Mom’s Christmas.

The film gets distracted with its Christmas theme and holiday shenanigans that at times it is at the expense of comedy. I think the film had the cast and makings of a better comedy but a bit of the potential is wasted. Don’t get me wrong, its funny it just could have been much more with the talent at its disposal. Still overall, it makes for a decent viewing experience during this time of year.


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