The Foreigner  (2017)


The Foreigner

I haven’t seen Jackie Chan in forever, so I guess this film could be touted as his comeback film. The film trailer or hype surrounding it didn’t do much to build excitement for me, but hey Moviepass means I’m there to watch anything. At the very least I was expecting an all out frenetic action film. After watching this film is quite unspectacular and leaves a lot to be desired. Its nice to see Chan back in Hollywood but the films is rather unremarkable.

Jackie Chan plays a hardened father with a dangerous past who loses his daughter in a terrorist bombing by the IRA. He goes to a powerful man and former leader of the IRA, played by Pierce Brosnan, and demands the names of those responsible for killing his daughter. Trouble ensues and Chan threatens Brosnans character for the names and singlehandedly tries to bring justice.

Chan is good in this film no doubt. He has done a lot of comedy in recent years but he puts in a fine tuned serious role. When he does do fight scenes it’s good but it seems very sparse. The film spends too much time focusing on the different pieces of the IRA and how they planning their next moves. A large part of this is just uninteresting. It trudges along and its hard to care less for the political points.

The action scenes are nice but not worth it to sit through a mostly dull action thriller. Fans of Jackie Chan will be happy to see him return but it could have been way better than what we were given. A real throwaway film that will not linger in anyone’s memory for long after it is done.




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