The Mountain Between Us (2017)


The Mountain Between Us

I think the best thing this film has going for it is casting Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. Its a pairing you didn’t really expect, yet most of the intrigue comes from seeing how they are together in a film. I don’t mind a survival film, if done right it can be hearth-wrenching and wildly fun. I can’t really say this film delivers on that front and kind of gets lost in the sap that the film chooses to focus on. Because of that the interest in the film wanes as it goes by.

The film is about two people who desperately need to get back to Denver but find out their flight is cancelled. They decide to hire a private jet, which eventually crashed into a mountain. The two leads are left stranded in the cold with a dog, limited food, injuries, and the harsh cold weather. They must attempt to survive, while learning about each other along the way and forming a connection.

If this film was more oriented on the thrills that a tale of survival bring, then I feel like this film would have been way worth the watch. Its mostly about two people falling in love when they are stranded together. I’d say the last twenty minutes or so of the film really take stride in a full on romance tale and becomes something you would see in a Nicholas Sparks story. This really undermines how strong the film could have been.

What we see is a story that didn’t maximize its potential and falls into a really generic love story. This isn’t really the fault of the leads who I thought both did quite well with the material they were given. I know people have complained about a lack of chemistry between the stars but I didn’t have a problem with this as much as a hamfisted love story in a film that failed to create a strong sense of urgency. Its a forgettable effort, but some may enjoy what they see.



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