Annabelle: Creation (2017)


Annabelle: Creation

I’m not the hugest fan of The Conjuring films and the first Annabelle film. but the films have a popular feeling and we are kind of set inside the “Conjuring Cinematic Universe.” No plans of stopping soon either because the third spinoff, The Nun, is on its way next year. Over here, we got a prequel to the first spin off. Its not as confusing as it sounds actually. Overall, the film entertains like it needs to despite some gaps in writing.

The film takes place in the 50’s and follows a group of homeless girls who stay at a house owned by the parents of the original Annabelle. Their daughter Annabelle died years before and her spirit lives on in a demonic way and haunts those around it. And guess what? That Annabelle doll is front and center to it all. While the jump scares come exactly where you expect it to, I gotta say this film engages more than the first Annabelle.

As mentioned earlier, the scares offer very nice imagery but they come right when you expect them to. I don’t get scared at all with horror films so my opinion on whether films are “scary” or not wouldn’t exactly replicate the sentiments of others. I will say though that the child actors do well enough to deliver a convincing good time. It may be better than its predecessor, however there are still plot points that don’t make sense or aren’t explained very well. Primarily, with the demonic presence and how it chooses its victims.

The style of horror films changes every few years. While this film doesn’t offer anything new or groundbreaking it makes for a decent time, which is all you could ask for. As expected there is a tie in to the first Annabelle and the next in the series, so be prepared for that. Overall, this will please die hard fans of the series and will leave a mostly positive impression on everyone else. Its quite flawed, mindless, and derivative at times but its expected with a film about the age old haunting doll.



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