The Big Sick (2017)


The Big Sick

I’ve heard really good things almost unanimously about this film. I’m not really familiar with Kumail Nanjiani, I have seen none of his work so I was curious as to how his writing would be. Upon further review I found that this film was based on his real life along with his wife Emily Gordon. This peaked my interest and finally the time has come that I have seen The Big Sick. Overall, I think the reviews are a bit bloated but the film is regardless a satisfying emotional journey.

The film is apparently loosely based on the life of Kumails life. Kumail is a Pakistani American stand up comic who meets and falls for a white girl, named Emily. He is afraid his culturally influenced parents will not accept her and he fears being disowned. On top of that Emily goes into a medically induced coma because she become seriously ill and thus Kumail is left wondering what to do and in that time also bonds with Emily’s parents. I know that apparently a lot of the details in the film were embellished for film viewing experience but I do have to say the film’s premise was quite interesting.

I didn’t find the film very funny. The jokes (wherever they were) mostly fell flat. Normally that would be a giant concern and turn me away from such a comedy, however this film offers an emotionally charged aspect that makes up for the lack of effective humor. I liked the characters. I identified with Kumail’s character being of similar background and seeing as how I don’t identify much with my culture as well. Even getting past that, its easy to see yourself in this guy who finds himself in an awkward situation/relationship and tries to balance many aspects of his life.

I thought the real MVP of the film was Holly Hunter. See the scene where she unleashes upon a racist heckler during one of the stand up shows. There’s a nice connection between Kumail and Emily’s parents that makes up for good entertainment value. The end of the film isn’t so conventional which made things feel a little fresh. I guess that’s what works best for the film, it feels pretty original and authentic because of its basis on real life events. Its not a fantastic film but is quite great when it wants to be. I am quite surprised I liked it in the way I did


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