It Comes at Night (2017)


It Comes at Night

The trailer for this film was quite minimal. There seemed to be something horrific going on but no one really knew what it was. I like when a film doesn’t reveal much, this adds to the mystique and heightens the intrigue towards a film. I got vibes similar to The Witch, although that may not have been very accurate I found this to be a similarly mysterious and brooding film with something haunting lurking around the corner. The film may not be for everyone but I think it was satisfying despite being very open to conclusions.

The film shows a family of three who are living in their house near the woods. They don’t go out at night as there seems to be some type of illness or infection spreading around. This is very much a post apocalyptic world, where resources are scarce and survival is key. They come across another family and give them shelter. All is not what it seems as the risk of illness is heightened and it becomes hard to trust others.

You have to prepared for a film that is quite bare-bones and just enjoy the ride. The film uses its shadows, darkness, and tense premise to bring forth a thrilling film that doesn’t need to do much to be entertaining. The film touches upon survival (as is usually the case in a post-apocalyptic world), fear, trust, and morbid curiosity. It’s pretty well acted. Nice to see Riley Keough in good roles this year.

Without saying much about the end, I do feel like the lack of explanations and air of mystery make the film special. Its really not a horror film in the sense of jump scares or blood and gore, but there is a fear of the unknown and the possibilities of being sick. As a matter of fact, I’d say this is a very realistic post-apocalyptic film. Which is what makes so much of it scary. This film is not for the weak of heart because it can be disturbing and depressing but its definitely worth your time.



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