Ingrid Goes West (2017)


Ingrid Goes West

I decided to continue the Elizabeth Olsen movie weekend and checked out Ingrid Goes West. Didn’t really see any trailers for the film so I assumed this was a film about a road trip. That’s not an accurate description. The film is billed as a comedy but it has dark and creepy overtones. I enjoyed it.  It’s a little different for my taste but it’s definitely well told despite its bizarre nature.

The film is about a loner named Ingrid who moves out to California to pursue a friendship with a beautiful girl she follows on Instagram. The girl (played by Olsen) seems to have many friends and her life seems to be so in order, so much that Ingrid becomes obsessive and tries to emulate many aspects of her life. Her lies start to unravel and things get dangerous.

The film is pretty socially aware and is satirical towards Instagram girls who hashtag and have many followers. It’s sly but present. Ingrid’ s character is needy, lonely, and goes through ridiculous lengths to be accepted. I think her character may actually reflect someone with a mild personality disorder. Aubrey Plaza is very good. She was born to play an awkward obsessive character, me thinks. I also enjoyed the comedic touch of O’Shea Jackson Jr, and his never-ending obsession with Batman.

Plaza’s Ingrid is weird and you can’t help but feel like you want to avoid her, however there is sadness and a longing in her personality which you can somehow identify with. I feel like parts of the film feel underwritten especially as we approach the third act. The film may not offer a satisfying ending for all parties involved but it doesn’t take away from what the film builds up. The film offers, humor, memorable characters, and a take on keeping up appearances even if it means being fake. Its a rather satisfying social commentary.


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