Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks is probably my favorite show of all time. I’ve been a David Lynch fan for years, ever since I got blown away watching Mulholland Drive. With the exception of Dune, I pretty much will go to bat for all of his films, they are excellent. An acquired taste yes, but Lynch is truly a visionary. Twin Peaks was a near perfect show that was cancelled too early (at least it came back). I watched Fire Walk With Me once after my first watch of the TV show and liked it but just knew a revisit of the film would make me appreciate the art behind it even more. This was exactly the case.

Fire Walk With Me is basically a prequel to Twin Peaks. We first see the events directly after the death of Teresa Banks, and then fast forward to the events leading up to the death of Laura Palmer. We get to see a dead girl basically spring to life and see the beauty of Laura Palmer and the inner turbulence and turmoil she experienced. She had so much going on, a wide range of emotions. She was nowhere near as innocent or faithful as people expected her to be. She was sex crazed, drug fueled, and self destructive. And at the same time she was viciously haunted by the malevolent spirit BOB, and his human embodiment.

That plot would probably sound confusing to anyone not familiar with the show. That’s basically a clue to go watch the show. We get a few new characters and portrayals with this film. We are introduced to Agent Chet Desmond, because Kyle MacLachlan sort of wanted to distance himself from the film (so he has a much smaller role). Sherilyn Fenn had other arrangements. Lara Flynn Boyle did not return to portray Donna Hayward so she was played by Moira Kelly. None of this really effects the film. It would have been nice to see most of the cast on this cut (most of the cast can be seen on the missing pieces/extended scenes which is a feature length film on its own).

Fire Walk With Me is straight up horror. It’s pure Lynch madness at his finest. Rapid slowed down images, quick cuts with jarring sounds, and sheer terrifying imagery; hallmark David Lynch. Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer is so great. I love that this film was mad to really get to see her in this role and she knocked it out of the park. There is so much mystique and mythos in the world of Twin Peaks, its so easy to get engulfed in its world. I loved every minute of this film.

Cinema lovers will find a way to connect this film with other Lynch films. There is a prominent stage act performing under blue spotlight (Blue Velvet), a mysterious item is almost like a portal that plays the utmost importance in the film (much like the key in Mulholland Drive). This film wont be for everybody, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the craziness that Lynch brings. Fire Walk With Me signified the first time Lynch was basically able to bring his vision without network regulations. its a crazy, horrifying, sex and violence heavy film and a beautiful entry into the Twin Peaks saga.


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