Before I Fall (2017)


Before I Fall

One whiff of the trailer and I thought “eh not really something I want to watch”. I’m a mad man who watches everything though, so I was destined to check it out no matter how unappealing it looked. I’m also not a fan of Zoey Deutch because she’s not in many good films (yes that includes Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some). After watching the film my initial reaction basically came into fruition.

So the film is about a girl (played by Deutch) and her friends in high school life. The film portrays the typical dramas of a teens life. This all includes crushes, being in a clique, rebelling against your parents, and bullying the others, basically the works. One day after a party Deutch and her friends go into a car accident. Afterwards, she keeps waking up to the same day over and over. She’s in a time loop and needs to learn how to right the wrongs to escape the repetition and move on with her life.

You may be thinking the exact same thing that I am. “This film’s premise sounds A LOT like Groundhog Day”. That’s because it does. Its essentially the same thing, except its not a comedy and is set in the life of a teenage girl (also it isn’t anywhere near as good. The film suffers from cliched writing. Its not hard to figure out what needs to be done to break the loop. Also the film flirts with feeling repetitive because of the element of the plot, and it really does feel repetitive. You have a hard time identifying with the main group of teenage girls as they are at times vile and not worth a damn.

This film is clearly made for the younger teenage audience. They may get a kick out of it and really enjoy it. For me it was something that is too familiar and not with a remarkable effect. I don’t want to say it’s unfortunate because, hey, I did not expect anything at all from this. If there’s no expectations you can’t really be disappointed. It is what it is, its nothing new but may appeal to a younger audience who probably aren’t familiar with how unoriginal the film is.


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