Fist Fight (2017)


Fist Fight

Here’s a film that seems like one of those write off crap films that you don’t even look back on. I was interested in the two main leads though. I really like Ice Cube both as a musical artist and in his various comedy films. I especially like the annoyed bad ass role that he seems to be typecast as. I’m also a big fan of Charlie Day and love his character on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The quick verdict is that this film is dumb and the jokes don’t always work but its still pretty fun.

The film follows a teacher played by Charlie Day in a terrible school where they are cutting staff left and right. Some incidents occur leading to Day’s character getting Ice Cube’s character fired, inadvertently. Cube then challenges Day to a fight at 3:00 pm, after school hours where he wants to get revenge. Alas comes a game of slapsticky cat and mouse that has moments of fun.

The jokes do not always land, a lot of it is penis and toilet humor which has run its course in film. The plot doesn’t offer a whole lot but the characters are stupidly entertaining enough to keep it going at times. Its sort of like a buddy cop film that takes place on high school grounds. I think Ice Cube is always in his element in films like this and him and Day do well enough together to warrant for some form of entertainment. Its also nice to see Christina Hendricks and Dean Norris, even if their roles are quite small.

The actual fight between the two is a lot closer than it should be. The film that really shouldn’t have offered much at all does more than it should. Its perfectly fine to like some parts of the film, just know that its not to be taken seriously at all. There may honestly be a sequel on the horizon since this seems like the type of film in which that would occur.


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