Antibirth (2016)



Here’s a film that I didn’t know too much about outside of the fact that the artwork for the film was quite alluring. I’m really starting to think that a good poster is really a great indicator for my interest in checking out a film. The film stars Natasha Lyonne (of Orange is the New Black fame) and Chloe Sevigny. While the film isn’t anything amazing I still think its worth checking out if you enjoy old fashioned body horror and psychedelic elements expressed in film.

This film is about a drug addicted party girl who mysteriously becomes pregnant. However, the symptoms of the pregnancy and the actual circumstances leading to the pregnancy are not quite “regular.” As a matter of fact, her baby is not exactly a healthy human. I’ll leave the plot at that to not give away much more. Acting wise Lyonne has it down, as this is basically an extension of the drug addicted inmate she plays on Orange is the New Black. Sevigny is also fine for the role as this isn’t a challenging role for her either based on her past work.

The film can get quite gory and if that’s not something you can stomach, this may not be for you. Its reminiscent of the body horror films that came before in generations passed, a tribute to the work of the masterful David Cronenberg. There’s plenty of bright neon lights and crazy imagery in the form of psychedelic hallucinations. Its a joy to watch if you are a fan of visual cinema, quite like I am. In this specific aspect the film really does deliver.

I’d say the film isn’t always interesting or leave an everlasting impression but this isn’t really an issue because the film offers a nostalgic and trippy vibe that I really appreciated (but this may not resonate well for other film watcher’s). I think Lyonne could probably get offered bigger roles in the future but whether she will be able to branch out and take on a different kind of role is still up for question. All in all, its under the radar but worth a watch.


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