Godzilla Resurgence (2016)

Godzilla Resurgence07722270.jpg

I don’t always check out the Japanese Godzilla films but I do love monster films and did think the trailer for this new re-imagining looked exciting. I know the Monster Universe in Hollywood is just taking off with a planned crossover between King Kong and Godzilla, so it was worth checking out what Japan was doing with Godzilla in the meantime. Overall, the film makes for an entertaining time. If you love Godzilla and are a die hard fan you will love this latest installment. There’s enough in it to please the more casual fans.

The film is basically rebooting Godzilla’s origins with its first attack on Japan. A mysterious gigantic sea creature emerges and starts wrecking havoc on the city. They soon realize that this creature morphs and evolves when it comes onto land and changes into different forms. The country tries to brace for disaster while trying to figure out ways to take out Godzilla. The new model for Godzilla looks really cool. He looks ridiculous at first, almost cartoony, when he first comes out of the water. We get more of Godzilla in this than say the 2014 film and get to see much more of what he’s capable of.

The real negative of the film is the various lengthy human characters and their winding plots. There are too many generals and officials discussing what to do and it can’t really avoid being tedious. Its expected, monster movies can’t go all out with the majority of the screen time dedicated to big monster action but this film spends a lot of time on the human element.  While the film doesn’t shy away from showing Godzilla in action, its hampered by a lot of what’s going on everywhere else as well.

The CG at times does not look that great, especially with Godzilla at first coming out of the water and some of the damage done to the city. It makes sense since the budget for this film wasn’t too high (at least not by Hollywood standard). Its not always bad as some of the scenes with Godzilla destroying Japan are done really well. Overall, the film is far from perfect butt definitely will please the fans who came in knowing exactly what they are looking for. The ending and final battle is also interesting and I’ve got to say my interest is piqued for a sequel.



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