Assassin’s Creed (2016)


Assassin’s Creed

A film that really should have stayed in the drawing room. I really like the video games. I played all of the games for PS3 and was really invested in the setting, story, and expansive gameplay. However, video game based movies have a bad track record (unless you are thinking about great camp like Mortal Kombat). Unfortunately, this film isn’t much different. If you compare it to other video game based films, sure it stacks up as one of the better ones if not the best. However, the film has about a tenth of the video game series’ excitement.

Cal is on death row and subjected to lethal injection, but then he wakes up and finds out he is in a facility run by Abstergo that uses high tech technology to sync him with the past of his ancestors from generations ago. His ancestor was an Assassin in 15th century Spain. Corruption runs rampant in the present and the best and we basically follow the adventure in time. There is plenty of action in the film though the cinematography and camerawork doesn’t always work. The film is busy in plot, its far too overplotted. I understand that the games are complex in nature but the little changes done to make the present day more clear have only made it worse and more privy to questions.

I think the film should have gone with the Ezio Auditore portion of the Assassins Creed time frame, rather than creating a character and throwing him into Spain. The film would have benefited from exploring Renaissance era Italy and I could only imagine the missed opportunity of having the characters scaling 14th century Rome and Florence. That aside, this film felt too dark  picture wise. There is little visual vibrancy. Charcters and new plot points are kind of thrown together at the random. Most importantly, most of it is not very interesting.

I thought Justin Kurzel did a wonderful job adapting Macbeth. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are often reliable and shined as the leads. In this they fade away to a bad script. Kurzel really took a misfire trying to adapt this franchise to film and what we get was something unremarkable.I still think he can redeem himself with something along the lines of his previous work; just leave this video game film adaptation business aside and pursue something better.


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