Logan’s Run (1976)

Logan’s Run

Here’s a sci-fi film that I have been meaning to catch for a long time. Luckily TCM is doing the 31 days of Oscar films marathon so I can catch up on good stuff I’ve never seen. Sci-fi’s of the past decades are usually great because they are creative and high concept. I know this is based on a novel but I think the film was still pretty great regardless even though some of it was flawed. Logan’s Run is a sci fi film that takes place in a dystopian future and I’d have to say this film must have influenced many modern day films.

The film is set in a world where people only live until 30. Once they hit 30 they are exterminated.  A man known as Logan 5 goes on the run who becomes 30 after a medical procedure goes wrong. He goes on his run with a beautiful compatriot named Jessica 6. The film has futuristic gadgets and concepts and really felt slightly ahead of its time. I say slightly because we started getting a lot of the original sci-fi films around this time. Logan’s Run had a few themes I noticed and also a few similarities to some other sci-fi films of the time.

The film really reminded me of Soylent Green in the fact that it has a theme of population control through killing off human beings in a ritualistic/efficient way. The film also shared similarities with Planet of the Apes, mostly through the viewing of the desolate ruins of Washington DC. The effects are at times quite dated, which is understandable considering the time. The film does have a few memorable moments and enough romance going for it to keep you interesting.

I’d say the first half of the film has a lot going on but its quite interesting but its important to stay focused or get lost. The second half where Logan and Jessica go on the run doesn’t always engage but its mostly nice to see the connection between the two. Overall, its quite a fun film with some interesting viewpoints and issues addressed for its time. While effects are dated and the focus isn’t always perfect it’s a good experience.



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