John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


John Wick: Chapter 2

The highly anticipated sequel to a very popular action film has arrived. John Wick as sort of a sleeper hit that came out of nowhere and really blew a lot of peoples minds. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film but it was a solid action film that was very sleek and really established Keanu Reeves as an action hero. If you have any doubts about his credibility as an action star, you should probably see John Wick: Chapter 2.

This time, no one kills John Wick’s dog. Thank god. Wick is visited by a gangster who wants Wick to serve him because of a blood oath taken years ago. When Wick refuses, his house gets blown up. Wick then goes out for revenge and must face bounty hunters and a bunch of trained assassins. I’d say the sequel has more going on storywise as it involves much more involving a crime lord and the underside of what it entails. The sequel does a good job of maintaining fantastic, frenetic action with a balanced story and dialogue (or lack of it in Ruby Rose’s characters instance).

The film doesn’t always flow strongly as characters sort of appear without question but this is an action film and you shouldn’t worry too much about what makes sense and what doesn’t. As you’d expect, the film is very sleek and has eye catching action. The scenes are shot with flashing neon lights and plenty of sick shooting with blood. If this is your sort of thing you will absolutely love it. The car chases and hand to hand combat scenes were fantastic. The whole exchange between Common and Reeves in the subway was just hilarious.

My main complaint is that the film is longer this time and sometimes feels its length. Its not such a bad thing. This film is a really solid sequel, I may just prefer the original but its close. The action, blood, and style is really turned up in this edition and you just know we have an action star and franchise in our hands. I don’t mind it, Keanu Reeves can rock the three piece suit and he’s even better kicking major ass in it.


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