Allied (2016)



Robert Zemeckis is a good director who has been streaky as of late. He has some work that I really like but in recent years he’s been forgettable. Judging by the trailers I wasn’t very excited for this film. After viewing the film, I’ll say that its better than I expected but could have been far better. Its still worth a watch and others may champion the picture more than I will.

Marion Cotillard. What more can I say? I am so glad this extremely talented French actress switched over to American cinema. She’s fantastic and magnetic in this film (as she always is). Two Days, One Night is a stellar film in which she showcases her talents. She does everything right in this film as well. I think the film could have been written better, but her character is still full of a sexual mystique and you watch as her truth unfolds. Although mysterious, her character is fulfilled and her relationship with Pitt on screen is charming. Pitt is also great in the film, the acting wasn’t ever going to be a let down with these two.

The plot progression is slow. I think once you get to the point where Marianne is accused of being a spy, the film picks up. Prior to that attention wanes, minds wander. There is action on the screen and the plot stays busy but feels lifeless at times. This is not a fault of the actors but seems like writing that doesn’t provoke at large stages. This might have to do with the film focusing more on romance during wartime than being an espionage thriller. I think it could have used more of the latter to make for a more memorable experience. There are moments which are good but I felt like the film was uneven.

Characters come and go, outside of the two leads everyone else is fleeting, not memorable, or just there to advance the plot. There’s talent there like Matthew Goode and Lizzy Caplan but you don’t really care about them because they are not around for long enough. Stuff just happens and lots of the film just feels tame and not as gripping as you’d expect from a World War II spy film. The film needed more suspense to really captivate the viewers but goes off on some tangents. I’m not saying the actors were wasted as the film isn’t bad, its just that with better writing everything would have thrived. This one doesn’t stack up to Zemeckis’ best but its stylish, well acted, and has costumes and set pieces that take your eyes into a setting from WWII, although your mind is left to wander.


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