The Light Between Oceans (2016)


The Light Between Oceans

This film went about how I expected it to go. its got quite a riveting cast. Was curious to see how Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender would fare together seeing as their real life relationship sparked from this film. Both have great chemistry and are always reliable to bring  a wonderful performance. I think the problems for this film really come from execution of the plot. The running time is quite long therefore the film seems slowly focused and paced slowly. Its hard not to feel inconsequential about some of the stuff that happens in the film. I think Derek Cianfrance is a good filmmaker but inconsistent with his delivery. Blue Valentine is a fantastic film start to finish, that depicts a volatile relationship in the present day intertwined with the love in the relationship at an earlier time. The Place Beyond the Pines worked because of a strong first act involving Ryan Gosling but limped to the finish line. I never really got so invested in these characters or their plight and the film just doesn’t offer as much as something like Blue Valentine died. Not all is bad though. The film is obviously well acted, well shot (especially the scenes overlooking the ocean, and seems faithful as a period piece. At the end of the day though there isn’t enough ‘light’ in the film.


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